Honey's Delight RB - Arabian Horse World / Cover January 2014

by Denise Hearst / Arabian Horse World "I've been watching * Honey's Delight RB( * JJ Señor Magnum x Honeymoon FHP by * NV Sure Fire ) since her 2012 win at the Brazilian nationals, says Jeff Sloan . "I inquired about buying her at the time and was told that she wasn't for sale, but at the 2013 Las Vegas World Cup show , trainer Rodolfo Guzzo told me that she was available . "I recommended to Neil that she be the next one we take seriously and purchase. One thing led to another , and two months latershe arrived at trainer Greg Gallun's in Santa Ynez. She was everything we expected her to be and more " But it wasn't just the mare's beauty or showring success that attracted them - her daughters , Esperanzza Al Ventur 9 by FA El Shawan ) and Delight's Divah RB ( by * Ajman Moniscione ), had won 2012 Brazilian National Champion Junior junior filly and 2012 Brazilian National Reserve Champion junior junior filly, respectively. "It's that feeling of knowing that the mare has a place in the world that goes way beyound the simple blue ribbon in the ring", says Jeff. "Certainlly that's reward enough , but to know that she's not only going to win the breed's biggest prizes in the showring, but be a contributor to the breed with her offspringfor years to come creates a certain unique gravitas to the situation that only a very few horses in the entire breed command " When Honey's Delight arrived from Brazil , her 2013 El Shawan filly had just been weaned. "She looked like a momma as opposed to her showgirl self ", says Greg. "It was great for the Bravermans, and Jeff and Rich, to see her uppon herarrival, because even with her long Brazilian winter coat we all could see her excellence from the moment she stepped of the van ". My wife Jeannie was sorry to see El Rasheem go ", says Neil. "But she really loves Honey's Delight. Honey is so personable and well- mannered . She justloves the attention and is so responsive- it's almostlike human-to-human communication . " With not much time to get her in shape and qualified for Nationals , Greg took * Honey's Delight to the region 3 show in early July. "It was a bit sooner than we would have wished , but it was the last Regional show ion our calendar", says Greg . "In spite of the fact that she was far from being in ideal show condition, she was named Regional Champion Mare , and qualified for Nationals." "Even as a newcomer to the US National arena, she didn't let us down , "Greg adds "She was victorious in her age division in a class that was super tough - I believe she scored 4,5 points higher than the reserve Champion . In competition that included numerous National , Scottsdale, and World Cup Champions, we were over the moon with her statement win. "When Honeys Champion Senior Mare it was a surreal moment. The level of competition and the dynamic of the mare finals were unforgettable. For a mare so young to be National Champion in both Brazil and the U.S. is amazing . Then add to that, she is the dam of two international-winning fillies as well , all before her sixth birthday – well , it’s really incredible “ Honey’s provenance leads to the little city of Atibaia , a short drive north of São Paulo, Brazil. The area is well known for its flower and strawberry crops … and is naw made even more famousby the products of Haras das Cascatas , a small stud run by sistersAlessandra and Adriana de Moura . “We are a small farm , with a small number of horses”, say Alessandra and Adriana. Öur father started to breed half-arabians in 1982 , when we were young. In 1989 we lost our father , and my sister and I decided to live on the farm with our mother . It is so nice to stay near our horses and see the newborns just in time – it’s really amazing ! We all love Arabians, and we are always talking with dr Nelson Moreira , our vet and a really special friend, about wich stallions will be the best cross for our mares . “We are always looking for a beautiful Arabian , but with a lot of movement, presence and long neck”, continue the sisters . “For us an Arabian horse must be recognizable from afar – he must have a lot of type .” The de Moura sisters bought Honey’s dam , Honeymoon FHP ( by NV Sure Fire by * Aladdinn )about 15 years agoin a small auction , on the advice of Dr Nelson. “Honeymoon FHP dam is An Gazala CH (*Sahibi x *Regab ), one of the most important mares for the legendary farm Haras Capim Fino … and for Brazil “, they say . “She was famous for producing Yankee Flower’s FHP ( by * WH Northern Yankee ),a gorgeous Brazilian National Champion … so, Honeymoon comes from a great line . *Honeymoon has a long beautiful neck, body and attitude, and * JJ Senor Magnum has a very beautiful face and a lot of attitude too. So, we expected a great result, but Honey’s Delight RB was more stunning than we could have imagined. “There was a lot of lucky involved, too, because on the day of Honeymoon ‘s insemination a lot of things went wrong – the motoboy was late , Honeymoon FHP felland hurt her kneessome of the semen spilled on the floor – it was a crazy moment. But it seems that nothing would stop * Honey’s Delight RB from coming to make history ! “Throughout the years we have had a lot of great moments , but one of the most important was when Honey’s Delight RB was 2012 Brazilian National Champion Young Mare with the highest score of the show . We couldn’t believe it when her two daughters won also. “Today we have a full sister of Honey’s Delight RB named Honey’s Desire RB, a really special filly with many qualities to become a great , great mare, and two half sisters ( by Magnum Psyche ) : Magnum Moonrose RB and Magnum Moonwish RB. We also have an embryo of Honey’s Delight Rb by Ajman Moniscione again, due next march “. By the time of her Brazilian National Championship, Honey was owned by Eduardo Gama of Árabes de Santa Ventura , because, as he explained , “My father was a breeder of Arabian Horses in the 1980s and he told me that she was the most beautiful mare that he had ever seen is his life , and to complete it, her grandmother, An Gazala CH , was a mare who was considered in her day to be invencible in the ring and a very good mother “