Honey's Delight RB - The mare with a future as brilliant as her past ", by Anne Stratton

Honey’s Delight RB , by Arabian Horse Times / December 2013 “The mare with a future as bright as her past – Honey’s Delight RB , by Anne Stratton “’ With the level of quality in the mare championship at the 2013 U.S. Nationals, the owners of the winner admitfrankly that there were several entries who might have won . For Neil Braverman and Jeff and Rich Sloan , majority shareholders in Masterpiece Arabian Partnership LLC – owners of Honey’s Delight RB – that made her trophy all the sweeter. “Getting to and through her class was an extraordinary compliment to her ability , “notes Greg Gallun , who was on the lead for the victory .”Her class, in my eyes , was the toughest class of the horse show . There were four or five National, Scottsdale or World Cup champion mares participating in that event, and Honey was kind of that new girl on the block .” The 5-year-old Honey’s Delight RB may have been a fresh face at this year’s Nationals, but her qualifications are sound. A daughter of * JJ Señor Magnum , from the *NV Sure Fire mare Honeymoon FHP, she was last year’s Brazilian National Champion Young Mare and champion at Region 3 this summer . Before she annexed the National championship , she prevailed in Wednesday afternoon’s preliminary for 4 and 5 Year old Mares as well. Jeff Sloan recalls that they were alerted to the mare’s potential by Rodolfo Guzzo, who trained her in Brazil, and they followed her for several months before purchasing her at this year’s Arabian Breeders World Cup Show in Las Vegas . She was sent to Gallun to prepare for a campaign that eventually would lead her to Tulsa. In the frenzy of excitement that followed Honey’s win , it would be forgivable to overlook her breeding credentials, but in fact, her capacity as a broodmare equals her remarkable ability in the ring . What has she produced so far ? At the 2012 Brazilian Nationals, she not only won her own classes, she also won Produce of Dam . Two of her fillies topped their preliminaries and then went first and second in the Junior Junior Filly Championship: Esperanzza Al Ventur was the winner , with Delight’s Divah RB reserve. At this year’s All Nations Cup in Aachen, both fillies again won their classes and Esperanzza Al Ventur went on to be named Gold Champion among Yearling females . She capped off her year in Paris at the Salon Du Cheval , where she was named Silver Champion Filly. What is impressive about the two fillies is that they are not only by different sires, but by stallions radically different heritage . Esperanzza’s sireline traces from *FA El Shawan to Marwan Al Shaqab and on to Ruminaja Ali, and offers El Shaklan and Furno Khamal as well. Delight’s Divah RB , meanwhile, is by *Ajman Moniscione , which features a generous dose of *Padron blood through such standouts as *WH Justice and *Magnum Psyche ( giving Delight’s Divah RB *Magnum Psyche on both sides of her pedigree ) . Honey’s Delight RB already has proven that she is of value to the Arabian industry in the United States not only for her worth in the show ring and as a broodmare , but also her personal charisma inspires commitment from new owners in the breed. Neil Braverman can testify to that : he was prominent in Quarter horses before the Sloans interested him first in a colt named FA El Rasheem , and then in the promising young mare from Brazil . When FA El Rasheem was sold to Dubai Stud (‘’an ironic sale”, says Sloan), Braverman pinned lis hopes on Honey’s Delight RB for his maiden voyage at Nationals – although, given his experience at the upper levels of another breed , he was smart enough not to expect too much too soon . And then , suddenly, he was heading for the ring , lining up for a photograph with a National Champion for the most revered title in her division . The fun part is that’s Honey’s Delight RB is so young . Her owners realize that the world, literally, cam be their playground – and they are not the only ones . An early fan of the mare is profilic breeder Larry Jerome , of Jerland Farms . “She is an incredible individual”, Jerome says, “but the biggest thing is that she transmits who she is . I think she is going to be one of the horses who is going to make an impact in the breed- and as breeders , we have to realize that we can choose all the great stallions in the world , but we have to appreciate these great matriarchs. I believe Honey and her progeny are going to be highly sought after “ With that kind of success under their belts, the team of Braverman and Sloan is strong – and intent on continuing to make an impact on the Arabian Breed. “We feel like we are a global partnership”, says Braverman of Masterpiece. Their goal now is to find more Honey’s Delights . “We are looking globally to find the best horses there are out there . We want the best of the best – not second best , but the ones that look to us like winners.” Reflecting on the story of this year’s U.S National Champion Mare, Sloan smiles.”I’ve been privileged to be involved with some of the best horses in the world , “he says, “and one of the challenges when you have horses of that caliber is that you can have a hard time keeping them in the program : there is always someone who is willing to pay a big price of them . For me personally, one of the things that is very thrilling about Honey’s Delight RB is that we’ve made a commitment to keep her as a cornerstone mare for our breeding program. She will stay with us “ The Masterpiece partners share their view of the future .” This is not the end “, they promise. “It is just beginning . And we have no doubt that the best is yet to come “