Haras das cascatas, located in the city of Atibaia,  approximately 60km from Sao Paulo was a dream that our parents started on 17/04/1982, buying two half arabian mares  and initiating the creation of RB suffix. The following month , we acquired two purebreds, the white  stallion  Hajed SC (to please our mother) and the chestnut mare "Liberia". On May 83 we begun to participate in shows and started to select our horses. One year later, in Bragança Paulista, we had our first "grand champion" of the show, the stallion Mahomed.

In the same year we participated in our 1st National, with the half  Arabian named Asfar (the first animal born here) that conquired the best half arabian female of the show .
In 1986 we made important purchases, including the mare Brumarba MV which became the top of our creation, and mother of our beloved Alyshah Nouvelle RB. In 1989, we decided to move to Atibaia,and unfortunatelly lost our father, our support . Even so, we and our mother continued our plans .
We had some  years of difficulties, disappointments, that almost made us to gave up our dreams ... but with a lot of perseverance and good friends, we were able to rebuild. Together with our mother, who at all times supports us, we decided to stay with only four mares and sold the others . We reorganized our lives and went  back to the shows. The first Nyzzak HCF products were borned, among them  Sheik El Chaluf RB, son of half arabian Asfar, being our most prized horse . Born in 1997 our beloved Sabah El Kair RB, award-winning exhibitions,that became an aristocrat mare before completing 10 years, with her produce of dam winner in Brazilian National’s Chall Me The Best RB, Chall  Me For Show RB , Donna Fantastykah RB  and Powerful Girl RB.

Today, we are collecting  the fruits of what was planted ... we have "RB" in Uruguay (Bella Fiamma RB, daughter of Nyzzak HCF and Honeymoon FHP owned by Haras Las Rosas), Argentina (Chall Me The Best RB, son of Don El Chall and Sabah El Kair, owned by Haras Mayed), France (Chataigne RB, at Endurance) in the United States (Donna Fantastykah RB, daughter of Don El Chall and Sabah El Kair RB Brazilian National Reserve Champion Junior Filly and Reserved Champion at Breeder’s Cup  in Las Vegas and her sister  Powerful Girl RB, a daughter of Power World JQ and Sabah El Kair RB both owned by North Arabians  and Talyshan RB, owned by Oak Ridge Arabians). Recently , a daughter of Honeymoon FHP , Honey’s Delight RB conquired the 2010 Brazilian National Reserved Championship .
When choosing few horses with high quality and seeking the genetics of today’s Champions  , the path continues  with much love, perseverance and quality, always pursuing ever higher achievements .
We thank our parents who made us believe everything is possible ... the value of life, friendship, dedication, unity and we always have to pursue our dreams, even the most difficult ones .

Welcome to our home,


Alessandra and Adriana Moura