Why opting for the Arabian Horse?

Why opting for the Arabian Horse?
The Arabian horse is an ancient breed, with extreme beauty, hardiness and resistance ... the person who has or had the opportunity to be a few moments with this horse, literally falls in love!
Originated from the desert, the Arab is the beginner of almost all breeds  in the world. Having great strength, lung and respiratory capacities (superior to other races) is widely used in Endurance tests (up to 160km traveled in one day). The Arab has the brand's head drawn, delicate noses, larged and placed eyes (having a greater vision’s range ) a loading tail (due to a less lumbar vertebra )... the delicate appearance fools you because he owns a fantastic bone structure, with strong muscles and compact body, making him agile and skilled at sports and work.
Used in wars many years ago, has a survival instinct and courage, giving a false  impression of a nervous horse . Owner of remarkable intelligence, is a horse you’ll have to deal  with sensitivy and intelligence to make him believe that he is doing  what he wants and not what you're asking for ...
In few words, there is a legend that describes quite well what is the Arabian horse :
"After creation, Allah traveled through the world ,  when He  went over the desert and  heard the screams and cries of the Bedouin. Asking him what was the reason of such a great sorrow,the Arab said to Allah :
-See how much gifts  that other people won, and for me,you only gave me sands ...
Allah realized he had not been fair with distribution of the spoils of the Earth, said:
- Well,  cry anymore, I will recompense  you by giving a preciosity that nobody have.
And  tooking the south wind with his left hand, said:
-  South wind, I'll make you a new creation ... You  will be my gift, and the symbol of my love to my people. To be unique and to never be confused with beasts,you will have : the look of the eagle, the courage of the lion, the speed of the panther ...From the elephant, I give you the memory , from the  Tiger the force and from the gazelle ,the elegance . Your hooves have the flint ‘s hardness and your  hair the softness of the dove’s feathers .You’ll  jump more than  the deer, and from the wolf you’ll have the scent. At night you’ll have the leopard’s look  and  as the hawk you’ll  always return to your origin ...
You will be relentless as the camel and like the bear dog you’ll always  love the owner. And finally "Hissan" as a gift to make you being an Arabian horse , I’ll give you forever and  to make you unique: the queen’s beauty  and the king’s majesty ...”
Need to write anything more??